Textiles and woodworking are the most important industrial activities in the Como province. They are also a typical example of local craftmanship, because there are thousands of small and medium size factories working in these fields.
As far as textiles are concerned, there are plenty of printing and dyeing mills, workshops where ties, silk scarves, men and women's garments and decorator fabrics are manufactured.

Textile companies are widespread mainly in the Como area, especially in the villages located in the Varese province. The importance of this sector is witnessed by the presence of a technical high-school, set up expressly to train students in the textile trades.
The highest concentration of woodworking industries is to be found in the area around Cantł, though they are marginally present throughout the Province.

Pieces of furniture of any style, manufactured with different kinds of wood to meet any need, may be seen in shops and exhibition centres in Cantł or directly in the workshops. In some villages in Brianza, you will find skilled craftsmen who manufacture rush and wicker items.
Cutlery and surgical knife manufacturing are widespread in upper Brianza, in Valsassina and particularly in Premana.

Copper items are manufactured in Valsassina and Val Cavargna.

Here you will also find the last tinsmiths.

There are still many skilled blacksmiths, some marshals, good stone-cutters, stucco-workers and nurserymen. And last but not least there are shipyards where world-renowned ships are built.