Carnival of Schignano

The Carnival of Schignano
 Saturday and Tuesday before Lent.

The most famous Carnival of Lake Como is the Carnival of Schignano.

The Carnival' s show perform a theatrical display of the disparity between opposites, it is based on the contrast of two different masks, the bei / belli (beautiful),  and the brut / brutti (ugly)."il bello" mask has a wellsmoothed surface and it is very carefully carved, the "Brutto" mask is out of the proportion and the effect is a generally deformity of the face.Carnevale marked the end of the old year and brought promise of the new one as the males left for far away places in search of work. Those who met with success are seen in the faces of the bei, while the ones who lucked out are depicted in the brut).

The stage is the main square and the small paths of the village. The wood masks are one of the trademark of this event and some of them are 200 years old. 

The Carnival happens on Saturday just before Ash Wednesday.


Il Bello
Il Brutto
la Ciocia

Sapeur e La sigurtā
Il carlisep
The wood mask
Other masks are:
"La ciocia": she is the wife of the "Bello"that has spent all her life working for the husband.

The sapeur and the sigurtā: this strange masks are opening the procession, the "sapeur" have a blackened face and is dressed in sheepskins; the Segurtā rapresents the person that assures the safety during the procession. Five or six musicians follow the procession playing marches and songs.



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