During the months of September and October there are many festivals held at Lake Como:

Mushroom Festival (Nesso - Como): first weekend of September

Sagra della Polenta Uncia (Lezzeno - Como): September

Festival of Lezza (Ponte Lambro - Como): 3rd Sunday of September - Saturday 17 and Sunday, September 18, 2011. With a solemn mass is celebrated Our Lady of Sorrows, whose statue pierced by seven swords is enshrined at the Church of St. Bernard Lezza Saturday and there is the presentation of the 17 non-competitive walk 'Walking with Nicholas' at the House of Darius, after the opening of the kitchen that will remain active throughout the event and the ballroom at the Oratory. Sunday, September 18th, in the streets of the village, the traditional opening of the market, a series of events organized in conjunction with local associations. The Fire Department will also organize an exhibition of memorabilia and historical demonstrations. Young people will find that you enjoy the new event organized by the Municipality of Ponte Lambro 'Rock'n Folk Bridge', a competition for bands that will compete for the ultimate prize of the afternoon. And much more

Torch Festival of Palanzo (Faggeto Lario - Como) in mid-October this festival is organized every year and for the occasion the famous torch is visitable

Festival Masigott (Erba - Como): Third Sunday of October. The Market Square is transformed into an indoor restaurant where you can taste traditional local dishes.

The spice route (Bellagio - Como): October

Pizzocheri - Chestnut (United Grandola and Como)

Chestnut Festival (Gera Lario - Como): October

Chestnut Festival (Lezzeno - Como): October


Here 's list of exhibitions and markets of September





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